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Our Process for Admission

What are the admission dates?

Faith Covenant Academy has year-round open enrollment.

What is needed to enroll?

For students K-8, the last report card or progress report.  For students 9-12, a high school transcript copy is needed.

At the registration appointment, the administration will assist the parent or student in the choice of classes and they are advised on the necessary steps to forward their education.

Is there a graduation examination?

We do not require a graduation examination test.  We do require our students to take the ACT prior to graduation.


How much does it cost?

The fees are dependent upon the educational option the student chooses.  Each student is  required to register yearly.


How much are the books?

Book prices vary from student to student and depend upon the course of study of the  student.

Will the student still attend their public/private school?

No. The student will completely withdraw from their local school system or private school.  The proper authorities will be notified that the student is receiving an education.

Student Demographics

The age of our students is not limited to high school age.  We accept people of any age who desire to complete their high school education.  We are able to accommodate any age (K-12th Grade); however those who have not completed their high school diploma, we are finding, are the most prevalent population in need.

Faith Covenant has expanded our reach to partnering with the registrars at some of the community high schools. We have also partnered with local trade schools to reach their perspective students who are not qualified to enter because of educational deficiencies.


Our Credentials


Curriculum:  Primarily Alpha Omega Publications. 


The College Board ACT & SAT Code:  #011-482

We require our graduates to take the ACT College Entrance Exam,  a minimum score of 18 is the goal.

We are recognized by the NCAA & NAIA Clearinghouses for those students who desire to pursue athletics on the collegiate level.

We have Dual Enrollment Agreements with UAH,  Troy University, Calhoun, Drake State Technical College, and Northeast Community Colleges.

Our graduation requirements meet or exceed that of the State of Alabama Board of Education.

Our graduates attend 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, trade schools, enlist in the Armed Forces, and are very successful upon graduation.  

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