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Faith Covenant Academy

Faith Covenant Academy was founded 31 years ago. As of June 2020, we have graduated over 1000 seniors. For the first 10 years, we had an in-house program (learning center) and a roster of home schooled students.

In 1999, we became exclusively a home school program. In September 2013, Founders Pastor Michael Maze & his wife Dr. Kathy Maze began the process of retiring. Since then, we have maintained the legacy and ministry the Mazes began and have desired to reach the community even further.

Homeschooling is more flexible than traditional education in the public school classroom. The pace by which the curriculum is learned and mastered is   controlled by the student.  We offer the opportunity for a student to receive an education at their own pace, in the privacy of their own home, and without the pressure of the classroom. The student’s motivation dictates their success and length of time to complete the requirements for a high school diploma.

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